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Be Adventurous!

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Teen Treks
  • Teen summer camp – bike trips for teens ages 11-18
  • Trips in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.
  • Small groups and 2 leaders
  • Safely ride on roads and bike paths
  • Overnights at hostels, hotels, and campgrounds
  • Easy, Moderate & Challenging biking adventures that are 1 – 8 weeks long

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Teen Treks is a non-profit educational travel program promoting personal growth, adventure, and fun through biking and hostelling

About Us

Teen Treks is an educational non-profit organization offering teenagers the chance to discover the excitement and fun of bike touring with a bunch of like-minded people, seeing beautiful natural landscapes and world-class cities while gaining independence and travel skills. We help teens find great experiences out on the road and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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“Changed my life. It was a great adventure!”

Alex Siregar

“A Teen Treks trip gives you a sense of independence, as opposed to a summer camp where everything is handed to you. I made new friends and saw new places, all on the power of myself and my bike.”

Sarah Panzer

“A unique way to learn to live away from home, cook, live on a budget, repair mechanical things, interact with new people, see the country… the ultimate college prep.”

Rebecca George

“Egan loved the trip, I know her group is already talking about next summer. She came home a bit down because she had to leave her new friends. If she had time this summer, she would have squeezed another trip in…”

Nan Sachs

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Great Last Night on the NYM Trek

Today was the last day of our fun times in Montreal and with new friends. We started off again with another delicious breakfast in the hostel. After that we biked the bumpy roads of Montreal all the way to a biodome in the city. It recreated a bunch of different environments, we saw penguins, different […]

Fun Day in Montreal for NYM Trekkers

We woke up to a delicious orange, bagel, panini, and lox breakfast. There was a panini press at the hostel which was a big hit this morning. After breakfast we biked to a market with a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies and food places. We bought some group strawberries and they disappeared in 5 […]

Celebratory Arrival in Montreal for NYM Trekkers

We woke up this morning to a Minecraft themed breakfast. Biking today was very hot, but we made it through the long bike paths to our final destination! We celebrated getting to Montreal with free iced tea from the pride festival and a pizza dinner. After a drawn out game of Risk, we are tired and ready […]

NYM Trekkers Arrive in Canada and Celebrate Jasper’s Birthday

We woke up to a rainy morning. After the wind yesterday causing people to shelter into their tents everyone’s shoes were SOAKED. We celebrated Jasper’s birthday with some delicious muffins and got ready for the day. The points today were me and Ivan. We biked along for a long time until we found this abandoned […]

End to an Unforgettable Lake Ontario Trek

The group woke up in beds for the first time in about 2 weeks and biked to get breakfast. After getting a delicious meal from Bettys, the group biked back to the hostel. Alana played piano and Duncan sang along while Henry listened to some good tunes back in Canada. Alana sadly had to go […]

Perfect End in Buffalo for 700 Mile Trek Around Lake Ontario

“It’s 7 AM” Olivia groaned waking us up for the last time. We slowly awoke, but we were more confident and ready than ever to finish our 700+ mile trek. With only a 20 mile day ahead of us, we hit the road.   We trekked through the 90 degree morning and stopped at peaceful Delaware Park […]

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