Trip Leader Katie bikes from Boston to Texas

Most Trip Leaders fly or drive home after their treks. Katie, who led a Maine Coast Trek this summer decided that she would bike from Boston, to her home … in Texas. Read about her journey, including why she’s thinking she’ll be taking a break from PB&J sandwiches for awhile!

When I returned back to Boston from leading a Teen Treks trip through Maine Coast, I biked 2,300 miles back home to San Antonio, Texas. This took me about 55 days, which was longer than expected, but I didn’t account for the incredible people and places  that would compel me to linger at stops.

I biked through 16 states, following the Eastern Coast until Virginia, then headed west to the mountains of North Carolina, then turned south towards southern United States, reaching the Gulf Coast in New Orleans where I chased swamps back to Texas. One of my favorite states to bike through ended up being Alabama, which surprised me, but the Talladega National Forest was just hilly enough, with lots of creeks and rivers, and I happened to see a wolf standing in the middle of a quiet country road one day!

The best part of this entire journey though, was all the people I met along the way. I made friends at campgrounds, gas stations, bike shops and through a bike touring host community called Warm Showers. Every now and then, I’d meet someone on the road or at a host site and they’d ask to ride with me for a few days, I’ll never forget these people and the miles we shared! Hands down, this was the best experience of my life! I learned so much about myself in the many days riding solo, gained a greater appreciation for humanity, and fell in love with niche parts of Eastern United States.

I probably ate about 150 peanut butter sandwiches on the road, so I will probably take a break from them now that I am back home. And much to everyone’s surprise, I had zero flat tires the entire way! But I did religiously pump up my tires every morning, so that helped. The universe was good to me on this ride and I’m already dreaming of future long distance bike travels.

Shout out to Ben Ingalls who made the trip from Boston to New York quite the adventure! And to David Vigil for being a stellar host in Brooklyn!