Up Close w/ the Bicycle Touring Pro

Courtesy of the Bicycle Touring Pro

In 2019, Teen Treks’ Maine Coast trek was returning from Acadia National Park when they ran into the Bicycle Touring Pro outside a small grocery store. He caught us taking a left turn into the store and pulled over his adventure-mobile, brought out his camera, and did what the Bicycle Touring Pro does best, recorded a YouTube video about people on bikes.

Teen Treks was the subject that summer day in Maine, but this time, the camera has turned, and TT will be placing the spotlight on the Bike Touring Pro, Darren Alff in an interactive Zoom event this Wednesday, February 3rd.

The live event, starting at 8:00PM EST, is a part of Teen Treks’ Bike Touring Education Series, a virtual info series providing stories, conversation and connection into the world of bike touring.

Darren Alff has about 20-years experience helping people plan, prepare and execute their first-ever bike tours through an informative website and countless videos offering tips, reviews and advice. He’s the founder of www.bicycletouringpro.com and the author of several bike touring related books, including The Bicycle Touring Blueprint. Darren has biked across North America six separate times, and has traveled by bike through more than 70 different countries. He meets new people everywhere he travels and includes them in his extensive YouTube channel.

We’ll be getting up close and personal with Darren in our upcoming Zoom event, where in a Q&A format, we’ll be digging into all of his favorite things about bike touring. Top places he’s traveled, favorite gear for the road, most memorable experiences, favorite side-adventures while touring, we’ll be asking him to share his highlights from the many days he’s spent traveling on two-wheels and curating information for others to travel.

And we welcome you, to bring your questions and join the conversation. Anything you’ve wanted to ask the Bicycle Touring Pro, here is your chance. If you’re looking to learn more about the world of bike touring, and want to ask the Pro himself: best bikes, gear, terrain, road snacks, locations… Darren’s got a lifetime of tips and stories to share, and we’ll have time for participant questions.

So, join us on Zoom this Wednesday from 8PM- 8:30 PM EST.

Meet here: https://us05web.zoom.us/j/87516272092?pwd=ckR2bkFEbTdSd2YzekU2R0MyRXE4Zz09

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