Trekker Takeaways

European bike tour group

Teen Treks’ bike trips are designed for the trekkers to have an absolutely incredible and memorable bike adventure. We put a lot of care into finding fun, dynamic leaders and designing bike routes that allow teens to explore scenic and iconic places while fostering a group spirit of curiosity and adventure.

For that, we thought it would be important to hear an up-close telling of Teen Treks’ bike trips straight from one of our former trekkers. On Tuesday, March 2nd at 8pm EST we will have a live Zoom event called “Trekker Takeaways” where in a Q&A format encompassing participant questions, we will view our bike adventures from a trekker’s eyes!

The event will be a part of the virtual series we are hosting to keep an active and connected bicycle touring community, called Teen Treks Bike Touring Education Series. You can find past virtual events on the Edu-Series web-page.

In “Trekker Takeaways” we will dig into frequently asked questions, like biking accomplishments and challenges, group dynamics, skills and experiences gained, travel discoveries and all the unexpected surprises in-between that are best told from the perspective of a former trekker.

If you or your aspiring trekker are considering a bike trip with Teen Treks this summer, this is a great way for your teen to get insight into our bike adventures through the lens of a peer. Bring your questions and join the conversation!

Join on Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84910703016?pwd=enhhVlIrcGNtaDBqVGx5R09WdGxhQT09

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