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Teen Bike trip across America

When trekkers and leaders walk away from one of Teen Treks’ long distance treks, they are amazed by a sense of personal accomplishment and for years after they see how overcoming such a great endeavor gives them confidence and empowerment in other areas of their life.

On Tuesday, April 13, Teen Treks is hosting a virtual event, Trip Features: Long Distance Treks, where we will spotlight our two longest bike journeys, the Across America Trek and it’s abbreviated version, the 1,000 Mile Trek. Participants can join the Zoom event at 8PM EST.

Guest speaker and Teen Treks’ team member, Tyler Madell has embarked on these journeys as a trekker and through his personal bike trips. He will discuss what it felt like to be a teenager biking coast to coast, and how this once in a lifetime journey has impacted his life ever since.

Teen Treks’ Across America journey is a 3,800 mile trek from Portland, Oregon to New York City, it takes 56 days to completion. The 1,000 Mile Trek is meant for strong bikers who may not have the time commitment of an across U.S. trip but still want a challenge. The 25-day trip starts in Chicago, traveling through the Midwest to the Northeast, ending in Manhattan.

There is still time to register for these epic adventures for Summer 2021. Right now, trekkers can take advantage of a $500 discount on Across America and 1,000 Mile Treks! It will change teen’s life for the better, we see it happen all the time!

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