Featuring: California Coast Trek

You’d be hard-pressed to find views better than the California coastline, which is why Teen Treks’ California Coast Trek is hit every summer. From San Fransisco to L.A., this trip was designed to give trekkers the quintessential California experience, with a breathtaking bike route, unlimited beach time, iconic coastal city stops and lots of sunshine!

It’s such a good trip, we want to give future trekkers an up-close look at this west coast dream adventure. On Tuesday, April 27, Teen Treks will host a live Zoom event, Trip Feature: California Coast Trek. The event is at 8PM EST and will provide trip highlights, stories and insights from former trekkers and leaders who have participated in the California Coast Trek.

Teen Treks is currently running a $500 discount on the California Coast Trek. For parents and trekkers still sifting through summer adventures, this event will explore one of Teen Treks’ most popular bike trips with opportunity for Q&A with trip experts.

Join us on Tuesday and be one step closer to cycling through the California coastal sunshine this summer!

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