Welcome Trip Leader Emily!

Hey everyone! My name is Emily Upton. Born and raised near Portland, Oregon, my heart will always belong to the Pacific Northwest. Currently, however, I reside in New York City pursuing my lifelong dream of becoming a Broadway performer and loving every minute of that as well! I am overjoyed to join Teen Treks and pursue my other passions of bicycling, camping, traveling, adventuring, and the outdoors. Thanks to my incredible outgoing family (especially my bike fanatic dad) I discovered my love of bicycles at an early age. By college I had expanded that love to the sport of triathlon and competed as a D1 triathlete on the inaugural team. I am proud of the fact that I am a triple threat not only in musical theatre, but also in athletics! As far as indoor activities, I enjoy reading, playing board/card games, and spending time with my wonderful family. I am a believer in all things natural, sustainable, creative, open, and kind. I love trying new things, exploring new places, and meeting new people. This personality trait has led me to some unbelievable travel experiences including exploring Europe through teaching English in Italy, and researching air quality and archeology in Peru. I graduated with a bachelor’s in Musical Theatre and love to play, sing, and imagine. I have been around youth for as long as I can remember, through family, neighbors, and friends and then brought that into my career through theatre, summer camps, and teaching. I am bursting with excitement to experience the magnificent world around us with my new friends peddling beside!

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