1000 Mile Trekkers Make Buffalo, Home to Teen Treks

We made it to Buffalo! We were all eager to get to the city and to stay in a hostel and meet some of the Teen Treks staff, so we woke up early from our beach side camp and rolled up Route 5 from Erie to Buffalo at a quick pace. We arrived about 3:30 pm, earliest we’ve ever made it to our next location and had some debriefs by the Waterfront before making our way to the Buffalo-Niagara Hostel. The hostel was in the beautiful theater district and was decorated so eclectic and inspiring inside. We put our stuff down quickly and half of us left to join Buffalo’s Monday night social ride, the “Slow Roll,” with Teen Treks’ own, Tyler Madell, while the other half rested in the hostel and watched Jurassic Park on VHS. We met a whole lot of interesting folks at the Slow Roll and enjoyed seeing the city at a much slower pace with no bags to carry! After the ride, we came back to the hostel where former leaders, Ben Ingalls and Dan Rogers joined us. Dan prepared a delicious pizza bar that he spent half the day preparing, with homemade dough so each person could have their own personal pizza. We sat around the lounge eating our pizza while the Trekkers shared stories of our travels to Tyler, Ben and Dan. We had some great laughs on a belly full of delicious pizza. Tomorrow, we have a day off in the city to visit a bike shop, explore Buffalo, see Niagara Falls and of course, eat Buffalo wings