Cape Cod Trekkers Train and Bike to Wompatuck State Park

Today was so cool. We started off the adventure with a communal brunch containing three packs of cream cheese, bagels, chocolate AND blueberry muffins, (which later got crushed by Lachlan’s bungee) and lots of OJ. Next we weaved through busy Boston streets, pushing our large bikes. Ending up in a park some how. Jasper the jumping jelly bean started off with a excited and energized start to the trip. Bouncing around on his bike. 

Tooooooot tooooooot 

The train. Train time. 10 bikes are lugged onto the train by 11 people. We all sat in an empty train car. Vibing. 8 stops later we arrived. We thought it was cape cod but we were wrong. Paulotta and Sasha were put in charge of the maps. We almost got lost if it wasn’t for Snakey Sam who helped us find our way. We made it to the food. 


Time for shopping. Jaya, Josh, Jack 

, Lachlan, And Roman protected the very perfectly parked bikes whilst Otto and Sasha shopped for Fajita dinner, whilst Paulotta and Jasper zoomed around in the car cart. We had a blast! 


We made a wrong turn but Jenna came to save us. Then we were off. In the right way. 

TO THE CAMPGROUND. Scenic routes led us to our humble abode. Home at last. In the green, buggy forest. It’s like GLAMping. 


Dinner was scrumdillyumptious. The cooks were spectacular. Absolutely stunning. As they danced to Da Baby and the Beatles. You could feel every flavor in their Fajitas it was so delish. Compliments to the chefs. 

Dinner is done and we are ready to rumble. Clean up was quite interacting and interesting. We cleaned… then bike ride… 


panniers went flying. Flying like birds. Away. Away they went away from us. Boston guy helped us. What a cool guy 🙂 

  • Paulotta :)))))))))))