GAP Trekkers Visit Antietam Battlefield

This morning we woke up and rolled out of our campsite nice and early. The ride was really pretty right along the riverside. We made it to the Antietam Battlefield by lunch time and we ate a good meal at the Battleview Market where we enjoyed the air conditioning. We also got “fun filled eggs” out of a gum ball machine. These were 50 cent Easter eggs filled with toys (mostly silly bands). We had a lot of fun trying to figure out what the silly bands were supposed to be. Then we headed to the National Park and Cooper, Kai, and Jason told us all the history about the Battle of Antietam. Then we were on our way to the hostel which is SO nice. There is central air, beds, and showers. We are also doing laundry which is not only good for ourselves but the people around us. After we had dinner we played board games and did some reading. Tomorrow we will explore the historic town of Harpers Ferry and go for a short hike and swim suggested by the hikers at our hostel. The hostel has a nice kitchen and we are also going to cook a nutritious and tasty meal tomorrow. Written by Leo