Maine Coast Trekkers Explore Portland

Today was a chill day. We started with a beautiful muffin and fruit breakfast that Martha provided. After breakfast, we split into two groups: bikers and walkers. The biking group biked to a small lighthouse house in South Portland that overlooks Casco Bay and it’s many jagged island. The other group took the bus in to downtown Portland. They enjoy the city after four days of rural roads! Both groups visited the Portland Observatory, the tallest and most historic building in Portland. The tour was interesting and scenic! Afterwords, we got even more time to explore Portland. We met up for dinner at Becky‘s diner. With a nice view of the ocean, we all relaxed and enjoyed out meals while watching the sunset. We made our way back to the hotel, where we met  in the hot tub to discuss the day and plan for tomorrow. It was a much needed rest day for everyone. We are excited to get back on the road tomorrow!
-Ben and the Maine Coast Crew