Cape Cod Trekkers Pass Plymouth Rock on Their Journey

Morning arrived. Early on, Sasha awoke and began to pack her things, accidentally waking everybody else up. We proceeded to make a lovely breakfast of oatmeal seasoned with lime juice. And then we drank the lime juice to go with it. Bellies full and we are already packing. One by one problems arose. Many issues with packing gear and Lachlan’s tire explosion. Jenna with her handy dandy tool saved the day again. And we were off. Roman and Sasha led the way to Plymouth Rock. The ride was long and hot. But we got donuts at a nearby gas station. With the fresh burst of energy tingling in our brains, we continued on through hills and highways, stopping for water and motivational talks. Plymouth was around the corner. Zooming alongside the beach, we reached the famous Plymouth Rock and then bought ice cream. Moving along, we biked up hills and made a couple wrong turns, which Sam and Jenna generously corrected. After finally getting to the camping ground, Paulotta, Lachlan, and Josh cooked a lovely meal of pesto pasta and salad, which we accidentally got some grass in while straining the water, which Jasper, Paulotta, and I cleaned. Afterwards, Jack, Roman, and I cleaned the dishes. Finishing off our day, we went swimming in the lake and then made s’mores. We told scary stories around the campfire and then finally went to bed. –Jaya Daulat