Grand Tour of Buffalo for the 1000 Mile Trekkers

We started off the day by sleeping in (well to 8:30 but that’s late for us.) A few people needed to head over to a bike shop, so they did that while the rest of us walked around Buffalo. We ended up going to a bookstore and picking up some things. Afterwards, past Teen Treks leader, Tyler met up with us and gave us a tour of the city. We learned a lot about the Erie Canal and even went on a historic carousel! Surprisingly, we were not even close to being the oldest ones. We also visited the Frank Lloyd Wright Martin House, saw Buffalo at the zoo, passed by some city murals, biked through a famous cemetery and visited the Shared Mobility electric bike storage collection. We then biked over to Elmwood, a popular street to walk around and look at the shops. Later we were joined by another past Teen Treks leader, Ben for dinner. Since we are in Buffalo, people wanted to get wings, so we ended up going to 3 different places before landing on a small pizza/ wings joint that was sketchy but delicious. The day ended with some hardcore ultimate frisbee where 4 people ended up bleeding. Overall a great day! Tomorrow, we will visit Niagara Falls on our way out of Buffalo!-Written by Trekker Grace