1000 Mile Trekkers Ride Niagara Falls & Erie Canal Trails

It was a difficult task to pull ourselves out of the comfy Buffalo hostel bunk beds this morning, but we had a big day ahead so the road was calling our name. Today, we started our journey away from Lake Erie and towards eastern New York, but of course not without a stop at the legendary Niagara Falls. It was the first time for many members of our group to see the falls, so it was exciting to bike along Niagara River and see the rushing water eventually barricade off the giant cliff creating a floating mist and beautiful rainbows. We ate a picnic style lunch at Niagara and went on our way towards Middleport, NY. On our way, a bike shop was visited to handle several unexpected bike mechanical hang ups, which took up more time than we would have liked, but our ride afterwards was quite pleasant. We were pleased to hop on the Erie Canal Trail and follow the gravel path along the scenic canal as the sun set. We landed at a friend of a friend’s back yard, cooked hot dogs, then hammocked and open-air camped under the stars. We are all anticipating tomorrow, as all nine of us will embark on our first century ride of the trip, to complete 100 miles to our next location in Geneva. Wish us luck!