Cape Cod Trekkers Cross the Canal and onto the Cape

Day three. 20 miles until Cape Cod. Easy pack up and easy start off. We had stayed at a lovely, neighborly camp site. And then we left. Said our goodbyes to our new friends and gave them our extra wood.

Off we were to the Cape. 20 miles to the beautiful bridge. Sagamore bridge that is. At first we could not find our way to the bridge even thought it was right in front of us. Crossing busy intersections and rolling through public parky things, we made it. Obviously I (Paulotta) did NOT forget to compliment every person I could. Otto joined in and Roman laughed. We passed many people including a lady with purple hair, a kind man with a U-haul trailer, a lady walking out of her house AND a lady walking into her house. We had a blast. 

The food stop 

Finally we made it to a store. Thanks to Otto and Jasper leading us with their trusty very musty maps. Lunch was delish as always. A daily routine of scrumdillyumptious lunches. Of course lunch comes with packing the extra food bought. Everyone took as much as they could but I pulled through. I took the meat, the granola bars, the pots AND pans, peanut butter, Nutella, mustard, ketchup, mayo. I was cruising. Along with everyone else. Cutting to the chase we made it to camp. First stop is obviously the playground after unpacking.

Moving on with dinner. The plan was to have Shepard’s pie. But had it in tortillas. VIBING to music. Sam’s beautiful dance moves motivated everyone to vibe. 


Back to the playground. Troops of boys scouts scattered around the playground. But we felt no threat. We jumped right into the group fitting right in. I stole a swing from a kid. While Roman climbed the swing set. Otto and Jasper had a two vs. two with two boy scouts. Jaya and Sasha were chilling on the swings. And Josh, Jack, and Lachlan were grooving together. 

Tag happened and then it ended. 

And right now we are all sitting around the camp fire watching Roman keep it alive. We did Rose, Bud, Thorns and had some s’mores. 


Ottos to-do list = pet a bear 

Paulotta’s nickname= Big P 

Sasha is great at cutting onions 

Jenna has a nice shirt 

Jaspers name is actually Jupiter 

Sam has great taste in music 

Jaya had cool cool socks 

Josh is an amazing sweep 

Lachlan is now Paulotta’s BFF again 

Jack found a good strategy for air in the tent 

Roman climbed the whole playground