GAP Trekkers Ride Extra Miles To Be Closer to D.C.

This morning we woke up and had a hearty breakfast and headed back onto the trail after saying goodbye to our friends at the hostel. I got to ride with a special tiara on my helmet and a birthday sash because today is my birthday. We had a lot of energy and biked 10 more miles than we planned so we could have more time in DC tomorrow. For lunch I had a triple decker PB&J with cheeseitz, potato chips, and off brand Frosted Flakes. After lunch we took a dip in the Potomac River to cool down which was nice. Once we were dry after swimming it started pouring, which Jason was excited about because he said it counted as a shower. Then we had Ben and Jerry’s which was delicious! After we finished dinner we played with sparklers and I got to call my family for my birthday! I also got gifted a quiet night without having to share a tent with anyone. We are excited to finish our last 15 miles tomorrow into DC and explore the city. We are also looking forward to sleeping in luxurious hotel beds!! Written by Anshuman