1000 Mile Trekkers Enjoy the Scenic Hills of New York State

Today we biked through the scenic hills of upstate New York, stopping for a snack in the morning at a local market (the name of which I do not remember.) They found a sweet cat there that let us pet it. After that we stopped at a farm stand for lunch: some fried veggies as well as locally grown fruit and maple candies. Most people thought they were too sweet but I loved them. Continuing the day we hit some steep rolling hills that were just the right amount of challenge, and stopped for a swim in the river and then ice cream which helped raise morale for our last 15 miles of the day. We ate ramen with veggies for dinner, and are now settling in for a good night’s sleep at this beautiful campground that even has a car washing station that we have turned into a place to clean our bikes. Looking forward to another lower mileage day tomorrow (hopefully with less hills!) –Written by Trekker Noah