Cape Cod Trekkers Ferry to Hyannis and Ride the Cape Cod Rail-to-Trail

We left the campground today after eating cereal, yogurt, and blueberries with honey. We cruised through the neighborhood with gingerbread houses, stopping to check out the rocking chairs and décor. We caught our morning ferry, had some snacks, and took a nap to the rocking of the boat. When we arrived in Hyannis, it was drizzling pretty heavily and we ate Philly cheesesteaks. We rode on the Cape Cod Rail Trail, an extensive path that we went on for fifteen miles. Paulotta had a flat, but Jenna patched it up. We stopped by an art fair where we got matching bracelets, played in the playground, and got a tip that the Cape Cod minor league were playing nearby. We watched the game while Jenna, Otto, and Jack graciously brought us food. We then went back to the campsite and slept.