D&R Trekkers Off to a Great Start

Today was a great start for our D&R trip. After talking with the parents and going over everyone’s bikes we descended into the depths of Penn Station where we got food and boarded our train to New Brunswick, NJ. When we got off the train, we found the nearest park and taught the kids everything they needed to know for the trip. During this tutorial on bike touring we toured some of the Rutgers campus while giving physical demonstrations on how things worked. Wrapping up, we officially begun our trek and biked to get some lunch. This first bike ride went much smoother than expected since it appeared that all the kids were paying attention to our little lecture and retained the vast majority of the information. After lunch, we reached the hotel and took the kids for a swim and to play tennis. Finally, we finished off the day with a pizza and our first edition of our daily Rose, Bud, Thorn.