1000 Mile Trekkers Biking in Scenic Pennsylvania and New York

Today we woke up in a beautiful Chenango Valley State Park and ate our staple breakfast: oatmeal and Nutella sandwiches. After looking at the map, we realized it was going to be our hilliest day yet, but all of us were in good spirits and ready for the challenge. Later that day, we stopped at a gas station to fuel ourselves with junk food for the massive mountains ahead. Soon after, we crossed back into Pennsylvania and had piggy-back races next to the state sign that said, “Pennsylvania: Pursue Your Happiness.” After about 30 miles, we stopped for lunch at Subway and shopped at the local grocery store to shop for dinner. About 15 miles later, a nice man who owned a racetrack gave us cold water and Gatorade, and told us about a great swimming spot. We went down to the river on a trail and found that the river banks were full of mud. What followed was a huge mud wrestling tournament (I beat Katie but Oscar won the whole thing) and then we swam in the river to wash the mud away. Up the hill from the swim was an ice cream shop in the town of Susquehanna. We weren’t making great timing, but everyone felt like getting ice cream to top off a fun day, so we all went in and got massive cones. While there, someone told us that the worst was still yet to come, with us having to climb almost 2000 feet of elevation in under 17 miles. It was definitely a struggle, especially with a belly full of ice cream. We didn’t make it as far as we’d like for the day but did crest the mountain. Ready for a great day tomorrow!  –Written by Trekker Grace