Cape Cod Trekkers Have a Needed Bike-free Day

We woke up in the morning and and learned that Otto and Paulotta had caught a mysterious stomach bug, and they had stayed up the whole night not feeling great. Jaya, Sasha, Lachlan, Roman and Jack all slept well. Jasper had gotten very little sleep because he stayed up with them for emotional support, and Josh stayed up all night keeping Jenna company as she nursed Otto and Paulotta. After everyone had woken up, everyone ate some muffins and cereal. After a group decision to delay our visit to Provincetown, we booked another night in Nickerson State Park. Otto, Paulotta, Jasper, and Jaya all stayed back go rest while everyone else went to Provincetown for the day. Jenna kept everyone hydrated and put on podcasts to occupy them. After a short bike ride to the bus station, our day in Provincetown began. We started by trying to climb the granite tower, Pilgrim Monument but we got there too late. So, instead we walked to the shops and cruised around the stores. Later, we walked on the beach, and we all got a nice seafood dinner. Lachlan, Josh, and Roman got shrimp scampi, and Sasha and Sam shared a Lobster roll and a cod rueben. Jack got a shrimp roll and devoured it in a split second. After a hour bus ride back to our campsite, the non-sick people set up their tents and went to bed, while the sick group slept in the pavilion.  Lachlan