D&R Canal Trekkers Reach Princeton, NJ

Today, we biked 26 miles, with some small issues, which were all resolved. We had breakfast at a café, where we ate bagels some nice and breakfast sandwiches. We then went to the D&R trail, where the majority of the biking happened. We took a nice lunch break at a farm house/shop, where we bought supplies to make sandwiches. We had grapes, crackers, ice cream, cheese, and chicken salad, and we were very sanitary. Due to the gravel there was a flattened tire but it was fixed. We then went back onto the trail, and biked all the way to the hotel. When we got there we found out that the Holiday Inn Express was closed due to COVID-19 and we were moved to a the Crowne Plaza Hotel for free. Finally, we got to the hotel relaxed, read, and jumped into the pool. We went to get Mexican food and donuts for dinner. We wrapped up by watching Men in Black, and we look forward to another day of biking!
-Written by Aidan