Maine Coast Trekkers Relax in Acadia National Park

7/26 We woke up this morning  all safe and snug in the tents we set up in the dark last night. We enjoyed a scrumptious pastry breakfast and walked to catch a bus into town. When we got to Bar Harbor, we decided to go on a gander. Post-gander, we met in the park for a delightful lunch. The lunch consisted of a plentiful spread of charcuterie. After our bountiful meal, we caught a bus to Sand Bar Beach. At the beach, we had some rock races and saw some exquisite views before getting on the next bus back to camp. Once this tomfoolery came to a close, we partook in a group feast which included tacos. After that we went on a evening stroll down to a beach near the campsite. We traversed the majestic rocky terrain and watched the waves crash through the sand like the subtle passage of time; we sang around the campfire and reflected upon our goals for the end of the trek. Tomorrow we’re headed out of Acadia and back to our favorite campsite for our last night of camping!  –The Maine Coast Crew