A Great Day Off in Burlington for NY-Burlington Trekkers

Today we had a lazy and relaxing morning, waking up at 8 and setting off for the day at around 9:45. We stopped for some quick refreshments at a local coffee truck, before making our first stop at Earl’s Bike Shop, where a wonderful lady helped us get our bikes back in shape with some complementary adjustments, and also recommended some supplies for the road. After our bikes were repaired, we tested them out as Gabby gave us a personal tour of her alma mater, University of Vermont.

We made our first extended stop at Church St., where we stopped to eat ham and turkey wraps, ingredients courtesy of the local City Market. We finished up lunch at around 1:15, and we made a group decision to spend the rest of the time exploring the beautiful downtown of Burlington. 
At around 5, we all met back up at our bikes to have a scrumptious dinner at The Irish Pub where we tried the Canadian special, Poutine, among other delicious foods. After finishing up dinner, we had Creemee’s while watching the sun set over Lake Champlain. 

At this point, you probably thought our day was over, but it was not! After setting up our tents at the campground, we walked down to Texaco Beach, where we swam under the stars, pointing out constellations and shooting stars. We ended our day with our Highs, Lows, and Grows while walking back to the campsite, and finished our day with a good night’s rest.

-Written by today’s documentarian, Suraj

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