Through the Causeway to South Hero Island for NY-Burlington Trekkers

The morning was bittersweet, in the classical metaphorical sense, but in a literal way as well due to the wonderful breakfast of refreshing coffee, sweet pancakes and French toast, and sausages made by Gabby’s mom and dad that we suburban campers woke up to. After our delicious meal we bid farewell to two of our wonderful bikers: a cacophony of inside jokes following them as they spilled down the winding road away from Gabby’s parent’s house. After the morning, the remaining 3 campers thinned their loads and went off to the causeway. The causeway awed us with its beauty: confined in the stream of runners, walkers, fishers, and other bikers and surrounded by miles and miles of Lake Champlain we took time to stop by a bridge to take leaps of faith off into the shimmering clean water below. Once at the end of the causeway, we got on the bike ferry which took our bikes as well as us over to the island of South Hero where we picked up a wonderful meal and an encouraging and engaging conversation. As the grey clouds drew in we decided to leave our restaurant to bike to our campsite. Once we arrived a busy day of biking completed and a 50 miler on our horizon we had a early bedtime to gain energy for the long trek tomorrow.

Written by today’s documentarian Navarro

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