An End to An Amazing Journey for NY-Burlington Trekkers

This morning we woke up bright and early at 6am to give ourselves plenty of time to complete our 50 mile trek. We sped out of the campsite blasting YMCA and dancing along as we rode. After about an hour of riding we stopped in North Hero for coffee and pastries. We continued on for another hour, biking along the scenic shoreline of the Lake Champlain Islands until we reached the Canadian border. Feeling very accomplished, we picnicked as close to Canada as we could to refuel for the next 25 miles. Shortly after our lunch we took an unpaved “path” through some farmland and had a blast weedwacking our way through. We all had a good laugh once we emerged back onto the road and cleaned out our derailleurs. A few miles later we saw a creemee small shop and stand where we had the BEST creemees of the whole trip. Climbing up a couple more hills we finally made it to St. Albans, our final destination of our trip, and cleaned ourselves up for a nice dinner out. We went to Mimmo’s and ate until our hearts were content, filling our bellies with delicious garlic bread and pasta. We departed from dinner completely stuffed and biked back to the hotel in our lowest gears barely hitting 5 miles per hour. The short trek back to the hotel was one filled with an abundance of laughter. Finally back at the hotel we took a dip in the pool, did our final highs, lows, and grows of the trip and headed to our beds for a much deserved good rest. Cheers to all the NY to Burlington trekkers on an amazing journey!! We hope you all keep biking and plan to keep in touch (for that Burlington to Montreal trek in the future). Thank you for being awesome — we couldn’t have asked for a better group of kids!

Peace out // hasta la vista – Lis and Gabby

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