Lots of Good Food in Provincetown for Cape Cod Trekkers

Today we woke up and started our day with a delicious breakfast. After some biking, we stopped at Joey’s Mexican restaurant. Calvin and Mitchell got sloppy joe burritos. We continued on our long bike ride and Daniel pointed out all the houses on the water. Later, we went to a sandwich deli and gathered up our strength for the next 10 miles. We finally got to Provincetown and noticed it was about to rain, so we hurried to the campsite and got our stuff prepared for the night. After we got our tents up, it was time to feast. We all agreed to bike in the rain into Provincetown. When we got into town, a woman needed help with her bike. Martha took off the wheel to get a piece of bungee out of her chain while Britt held her bike. After the woman thanked us, we found a New York style pizza joint. Dash was adventurous and had two pieces of pizza while Quincy had some pleasant Chocolate ice cream. After our long day, we finally went back to camp to sleep in the rain.

-Britt & the Cape Cod Trekkers

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