Meet Trip Leader Olivia!

Hello hello hello!! I’m Olivia and I’m from Whitestone, NY. I’m looking forward to biking in the nice weather and enjoying the most out of this summer while we travel to new towns. I’ve been all around upstate NY and have biked around Ithica, NYC, Stony Brook, and even California and Savannah, GA. I’m a mechanical engineering major at Binghamton University and I enjoy tinkering around with machines and making the best espresso in town. I am also in the triathlon club and ice skate on campus whenever I can. Being from NYC, I’m huge into art and worked previous summers at Socrates Sculpture Park. I’ve worked the summer camps there and got to aid young artists make masterpieces and cultivate their work. I can’t wait to get out on the road and get miles in and meet some awesome trekkers this summer!

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