Meet Returning Trip Leader Adam!

Boom Shakalaka!! 

Hello everyone, my name is Adam, and I’m a hometown boy from Buffalo, NY. This is my first time being a Teen Treks leader for a second time, so, I’m super-duper excited for that.

Another amazing fact is that I have not been on American soil for over five years! So, when we all meet, I’ll still be ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ from a long period living in Japan as an English teacher.

However, what most of my middle school students never knew about me, was that I was exploring their country’s interior with vigor. In total, I plundered over 900 hidden treasures up and down the archipelago, from fuming hot springs buried deep in the wilderness, to narrow alleyways tucked within the bowels of an electrified megalopolis. Over those five years, I never came close to losing my appetite for wanting to know what lay around the next bend. Not one shred of it.

This summer, I intend to bring that same fierce tenacity to my groups of Trekkers on our two-wheeled rambles up and down the land. We are destined to discover the wonders of the world while simultaneously exploring, perhaps, the greatest frontier of them all, the depths of our own souls. *GONG!!!*

So, without further ado, let the journeys begin!

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