Meet Trip Leader Ben!

Waddup guys! My name is Ben and I’m from Brooklyn. I’m ridiculously excited to be a trip leader, going on a bike trip with a group of adventurous trekkers seems like an ideal way to spend a summer. I currently attend school in Binghamton, and when I’m not reading and writing about Asian history, I’m riding and cross-country skiing all over Central New York. Through riding a bike, I quickly developed an obsession with fixing and building them. Last year, along with another trip leader, I started a bike co-op, where we opened up a full-service bike shop on our campus, and fix the bikes of students and community members free of charge. Through the Binghamton Bicycle Co-Op, I’ve got no shortage of experience leading rides and fostering a community, and to be able to do this on a more intimate level with a group of teenagers is something I’m really looking forward to. 

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