Waterfalls and Swimming in the Erie Canal Along Lake Ontario Trek

Today we started off the morning in Holley and saw the waterfalls. We started to bike our morning miles and ended up at the grocery store to buy food for lunch and dinner. We ate lunch at a park and got back to biking.  It was pretty hot today so we decided to jump in the Erie Canal. After we tested how deep the water was, we found a bridge and jumped off. The bridge was a good 30 feet, so it took me and Alana like 10 minutes to build up the confidence to jump.  We got some sick pictures of us jumping and we started to bike again. We decided to go a couple extra miles than we were supposed to go, so we didn’t have to do them tomorrow. I made some dinner, we played some games and we were ready for our last night of camping. Shoutout Monique, Annie, Anne, Cheryl and Gwen. 
-Trekker Duncan

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