NYM Trekkers Bike to Plattsburg

Though crowded, the Burlington campground was a nice plce to wake up in considering we only had a 20 mile ride ahead of us. A flat gravel trail took the brunt of the length which is also a great surface to drift one’s bike on (yes it’s safe [if done correctly]). During the journey, two ferry’s broke up an already short trip into three smaller segments. Along the route we stopped at a beach to swim and eat lunch, as well as engaging in an extensive towel whipping battle. Shortly after lunch, we went to a fish hatchery where there also happened to be a pond. Fast forward to the campground, a couple tried to take over our second campsite to “take picture for an outdoors brand”. They went as far as asking us to move our staked down tents. Shortly after the stranger encounter dinner was started. A delectable slaw complemented a chicken and pasta dish. A little while later four of us, including the counselors, went down to the beach for a fantastic nighttime swim followed by a large fire. I do not know what will happen next so that’ll be all.


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