Perfect End in Buffalo for 700 Mile Trek Around Lake Ontario

“It’s 7 AM” Olivia groaned waking us up for the last time. We slowly awoke, but we were more confident and ready than ever to finish our 700+ mile trek. With only a 20 mile day ahead of us, we hit the road.   We trekked through the 90 degree morning and stopped at peaceful Delaware Park in Buffalo with a sense of accomplishment in our systems. We wandered around the city and explored; taking in sight after sight, and just being filled with joy (even though it was pouring on us). We stopped at Front Park (where we started) and tried to comprehend that we rode our bicycles around Lake Ontario.   Still flabbergasted, we headed to our hostel. We showered the sweat off, did laundry and sat on couches (which might seem normal, but after not sitting on a couch for 3 weeks, that was magical).   After cooling down, we met up with Teen treks leader/Cliff’s son Tyler and went to the Anchor Bar (where buffalo wings started). We devoured wings, and then headed to an abandoned silo and explored. As the sun set behind the General Mills factory, we kept exploring; we went to river works, and played arcade games.  After playing some intense pinball, we went back to the hostel and enjoyed pizza, sprite, and a movie. What a perfect end to our long trek. Thank you for following our journey!
      ⁃     Content Trekker Alanasaurus Rex

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