NYM Trekkers Arrive in Canada and Celebrate Jasper’s Birthday

We woke up to a rainy morning. After the wind yesterday causing people to shelter into their tents everyone’s shoes were SOAKED. We celebrated Jasper’s birthday with some delicious muffins and got ready for the day. The points today were me and Ivan. We biked along for a long time until we found this abandoned barn on the side of the road. We explored the barn and found some cool old machinery. We kept on biking until we got to the border and while we waited on the side for the road we made new friends with random people in a car. After the border crossing we kept biking and found some cows that Lauren wanted to pet and did so with permission from a farmer. We got to town and went shopping for a delicious breakfast for dinner. We then had a super secret cake for Jasper to end the meal. We ended the day by  stargazing at night and saw Montreal’s light beaming through the sky. Thats all for Quebec see you in Montreal tomorrow.

-Trekker Roman

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