Fun Day in Montreal for NYM Trekkers

We woke up to a delicious orange, bagel, panini, and lox breakfast. There was a panini press at the hostel which was a big hit this morning. After breakfast we biked to a market with a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies and food places. We bought some group strawberries and they disappeared in 5 seconds. We left the market to go watch the Rogers Cup. We found out tennis is really boring and ended up trying to find as much free stuff as possible. We got massages from a BMW and got coasters. We got back to the hostel and left to go walk around Montreal. We went thrift store shopping and found a nice restaurant to eat at. We all had delicious poutine, and Max ate a little too much. We are currently having an intense game of Risk, and thats all for today.

-Trekker Roman

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