Meet Trip Leader Grace!

Meet Grace

Hello trekkers! I’m Grace from Westchester, New York. The thing that I am most looking forward to on this trek is creating life-long memories exploring the world on two wheels. I spent several years working at a teen/youth sleep-away camp where technology was replaced with card games, outdoor activities, and spending time with friends. These were consistently the best and most cherished weeks of my entire year. I have traveled all around the Northeast, biking, hiking, and camping, but have yet to venture out further. So I am excited to take to the roads with you all, exploring new and interesting places. Outside of cycling, I love rugby, crew, soccer, hiking, swimming, running… pretty much anything that takes place outside and keeps me moving. However, I do appreciate a good sitcom (and I have seen most of them at least a few times all the way through by now). I cannot wait to hop on our bikes and ride!

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