Ice Cream Soothes the ‘Chernobyl’-like heat on the way to Madison, WI for Across America Trekkers

69 miles today, 69 more to Madison. The heat was Chernobyl-y, and our thermal Geiger counters tutted disapproval as we hopped ponds from Kwik Trips to Kwik Trips for cool snacks and hot food. We’ve been surfing the heat wave by hanging 10 miles (or 20) and breaking like white caps on reefs.

We snatched up arctic ice creams like deep sea dungeness crabs 


 and fiddled while velodrome burned until we were Nero our destination of Richland Center, which boasted waterworks that would make Caligula crush a murex shell beneath his bronze plated caligae in jealousy.

The waterslide was a corporeal viaduct carrying us to Elysian pools and the lazy river Tiber. 


 We showered, ate grapes, olive, caprese and wild boar before commanding our encampment builders to erect our polyester domus so we could remove our galeas and lay supine upon our goosedown pillows. Tomorrow we sack Madison.

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