2023Cape CodMartha's Vineyardteen summer camp

Cape Cod/NES Trekkers Bike and Swim on Martha’s Vineyard

For breakfast this morning we had pancakes. We rode our bikes to Edgartown where we looked at shops and ate some food. On the way back and fourth from the hostel we took a bike path with many bumps and steep hills. We didn’t struggle too much on the hills since we were always at the top of the them and had enough energy to go back up. The path was really cool because it went right by the Martha’s Vineyard Airport and we got the chance to see some airplanes. We also went to a beach and most of us jumped off a bridge into the ocean. Mason’s bike broke down but luckily they were able to take a bus to get it fixed. Finally, for dinner back at the hostel we had baked potatoes that Paul and Charlie made.

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