Across America Trekkers Chilled in Comfort at Wisconsin’s Bigfoot Beach State Park

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Breakfast of bona fide bagels propelled our groggy group over winding trails littered with windfall from last night’s thunderstorm. Ankur led us to the edge of town through wood violet lined lanes and cosmopolitan sandhill cranes at a rubato pace which set the tone for a dreamy day. Twilight rains tamed the stifling heat and the skies cleared like summer skin. Not even two broken racks could exhaust the lemon zest we spritzed onto the day’s basil blueberry and alfalfa sprout melange of town and country scenery, and those racks were soon fully fixed like generously portioned buffet plates. Cruising into Lake Geneva with daylight to spare, Shaun cheffed up a feast that would make Ratatouille kneel in deference, and we chilled in comfort at Bigfoot Beach State Park, right by Buttons Bay. Wisconsin has beguiled us with its heartland dairy salves and glittering lakeside charms. To the outsider, it’s just cheese curds, but once the rind is peeled back, it becomes like a European jewel tucked into America’s suprasternal notch.We are eager to jut into our country’s near Eastern clavicle tomorrow, to sink our tires in the deep dish dough which paves the streets of the City of Wind. We will commune with the Tribune’s gargoyles and hopefully reunite with OG trekker Sachin.Our conditioning would make Pavlov proud, and our bungie cords lace through ever changing supplies in shapes that would boggle Bacon and fry Bohr. We are strong and life is beautiful.

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