Cape Cod/NES Trekkers Ride a Great Bike Trail Through the Western End of Cape Cod

We started the day by waking up at 6AM in the Martha’s Vineyard Hostel. We departed at 8AM for the Steamship Authority Ferry to Woods Hole. Once we got to Woods Hole, we started our 26 mile journey along a great bike trail to the campsite in Sandwich. About 10 or so miles in, we saw some kids with their mom selling lemonade for a dollar off the side of the bike path, which we all obviously bought. We then stopped for a lunch break, before setting off to continue our ride. About a mile away from the campsite, Aaron so kindly rewarded us with ice cream for the stretching routine that Jake led after we got off the ferry. After getting to the campsite, a couple of us set off to the Stop and Shop to grab some ingredients for dinner.

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