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Best Bike Touring Gear Gifts for the Holidays

Is there a bike adventurist in your family you are not sure how to shop for this holiday season? It can take a while to acquire all the equipment essential for bike touring and this can be a barrier for someone trying to live out their bike traveling dreams. I’ve put together a holiday gift list of some of my favorite bike touring gear items that have been a game-changer in my riding experience.

As a self-contained bike traveler, working for one of the largest self-supported bike touring organizations leading trips for teenagers, I have gained a lot of experience dialing down essential and innovative bike touring gear and have learned what other bike tourists alike are using out on the road. Here’s some holiday gift ideas to help equip the bike tourist in your family this holiday season!

Abus Bordo Lite 6055K Bike Lock, The Bike Hub- $89.99

When touring, you are on and off your bike often. Having quick access to a lock is important. In an ideal world, we would all carry steel U-Locks, however, they are big and bulky and not easy to carry. A cable lock is a lot lighter but it stands no chance to a bike thief. I found this lightweight folding bike lock to be the best of all around for bike touring. You can strap it directly on your top tube, quickly unfold it and lock up without worrying about getting your bike stolen. That way you can tour a museum or make a grocery store run without being nervous about your bike’s safety. This is currently my favorite bike touring gear items to take on trips, and I must say, I get asked about it all the time from other cyclists. I would NOT get a mini size, get the full size… you’ll need the extra space to be able to lock anywhere you go.

Topeak Road Morph Pump with Guage, REI- $54.95

I’ve been using this portable bike pump for a long time, it has everything you want to get you out of a roadside flat. A small footstand, a retractable handle, a PSI gauge, and a high PSI range of up to 160! The latter is my favorite part. I’ve had many hand pumps in the past that never seemed to get enough air in my tires. Without having access to a full-size pump on the road, it’s very important to have a portable pump that can get your tires aired up just as much as a floor pump would. Otherwise, you’re dealing with lots of unwanted flats, waisted time and resources when you’d much rather be focused on riding your bike!

Ortlieb Ultimate Six Classic Handelbar Bag, Bikes Direct- $80.75

OK, so this was a recent purchase for me before biking the Pacific Coast Highway this Fall and expecting plenty of rain. Over the years, I have had a handlebar bag that is not waterproof. When it would rain, all my tools, headlamp, and maps would get soaked and overtime my tools would start to rust. I finally said no more and bought an Ortlieb Waterproof Handlebar bag. And wow… it’s a game changer. Not sure why I didn’t make this purchase before. I know us Ortlieb users can seem like snobs but honestly, there is not a better touring bag company out there. There is a reason why every time I go on a bike tour, all other tourists are sporting Ortlieb gear. What I love the most about this bag (besides it keeping my tools dry) is that it has a plastic cover on top where you can keep your map dry. You can even put your phone in the sleeve to keep dry while still using your phone’s maps for directions. Ortlieb products are super durable and I see no reason to ever have another handlebar bag!

Bonai Portable Charger 3000mAh, Amazon- $33.99

I brag about this charger all the time, and often find myself using it even when I am not on a bike trip, as it is much faster than my wall charger. I have Iphone 13, and though the description says this power bank will provide up to 5 charges for my model, I have gotten up to 7 charges out of a full battery. It’s fast, high capacity, and uses a 4-USB output which enables it to be universal for multiple input ports. It is a bit on the heavy side, but I find it’s a good tradeoff for a trusted battery bank while biking in remote places!

Greerride Rechargeable Bike Helmet Light, Amazon- $29.95

As a cyclist, often sharing the road with other motorist, we’re always looking for ways to be as visible as possible. On a recent bike trip, I found myself riding at dusk more often with day light savings causing it to get dark much earlier. I found the Greerride bike helmet light to be a great solution, in addition to the front and back lights on my bicycle. I love that it sits on top of the helmet, giving a higher vantage point to be seen by vehicles. I find it unique that this helmet light doubles as a front headlamp as well. This means you can point light directly where you are looking, making you feel extra safe during night riding!

Mizatto Bike Cup Holder, Amazon- $9.99 for 1, $11.99 for 2.

Extra water bottle holder, a place to store some road snacks, quick access to tools, this bag does it all. This low price cup holder bag is totally worth the purchase in order to have extra accessible handlebar storage. The drawstring features allows you to tuck items away safely, too. My favorite thing to do with this bag is to fill it with trail mix and snack away while biking. It’s not waterproof, but as long as your important storage bags are waterproof, it’s not essential for this bag to serve that purpose. And hey, it’s super cheap, so why not have extra handlebar storage?

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