A Comfortable Respite at the Albany Hilton for the NY-Montreal Trekkers

Today we woke to a Hilton buffet breakfast (each eating upwards of 4 plates of food). We then set out on our mission to do laundry, passing the time while our clothes turned by walking up and down the downtown streets of Albany. After our clothes were clean and crisp, we conducted a thorough walk-through of the New York State Museum. Little did we know that the entire time, there was a working carousel on the top floor. However, as the pack was searching for the photography section, like Columbus, they found something even better. Even though our ‘kids’ were over double the size of the ‘minors’ the ride was meant for, they probably were having the most fun on those fiberglass horses and spinning teacups. After spinning ourselves dizzy, we returned to the hotel to scope out the gym and pool. After working up a very minor sweat, we settled into some pre-dinner pizza and a card game in one of the rooms. The day was capped off with halal take-out eaten in the hotel hallway and cozy blankets to sleep off our food comas.

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