NY-Montreal Trekkers Bike North into Adirondacks

Blog Day 7:
With the exception of a few headwinds, the day was a breeze. The group ate breakfast in bed (purchased the day before in a local supermarket) and packed up their belongings to exit downtown Albany via Lyft to our bicycles awaiting us 10 miles north. After bidding the Hilton staff a final adieu, we rode off on a mixture of country roads and extensive bike trails along upstate NY. Stopping twice (once for lunch and to restock on granola bar supply, and another at a Trek dealership), we finally made it to the lake beach of Moreau State Park! One refreshing lake bath, several steep hills, and several hard-earned showers later, we chowed down on tonight’s main course: Buffalo mac & cheese. ‘Twas a good day indeed for the NYM trekkers.

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