NY-Montreal Trekkers Do Lake George

Blog Post Day 8:

Fueled by an endless supply of mini bagels, Hannafords, and Stewart’s ice cream, we biked country roads, trails, and along the shore of Lake George. Today the crew was accompanied en route by Katie & Trevor, who documented some epic moments on the trip (namely the topsy-turvy human pyramid). Along the road, we made a pit stop at Rick’s Bike Shop for some quality tune-ups, parts upgrades, and—in the case of Rohan—a solid nap. 7 miles post bike shop, we parked on Million Dollar Beach. Half the crew swam in the gentle waves of Lake George while the other half soaked in the sun on the grass. We then made camp and returned to the boardwalk “town” for some window-shopping with empty bicycles (“Wow, it’s so light!”). Back at camp, our cool crew made some restaurant-grade burritos as the sun began to finally set.

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