NY-Montreal Trekkers Celebrate 4th of July and Their Last Day in the U.S.

Blog Day 11:
What’s better than a long day of riding your bikes? A short day of biking mixed in with swimming in Lake Champlain, 2 ferry rides, McDonald’s ice cream, and watching fireworks on the beach. Let’s start with our first non-cycling activity…

Recommended to us by another Teen Treks leader (Chloe), we rolled out of camp at 9am not headed towards our final destination, but instead to Lone Rock Point only a mile north of us. We had to dismount our heavily-packed touring bikes to traverse the rough terrain of the hiking paths that lead to the tip of the miniature peninsula, but the added effort turned out to be more than worth the strife it took to get there. Gazing over the ledge of 30ft cliffs, we were amazed that such a body of water could actually be deemed a “lake.” Kali was the first to find the trail down to the water, and from there the entire group eventually filtered down as well. Several of us even swam out to a nearby rock island and clambered our way up. We were lucky enough to be joined by Tyler and Jordan this morning, who took several pictures of the occasion.

As afternoon settled in, we rode a swift 2 miles to the nearest Hannaford’s and bought lunch and our next couple of meals. We then rode 22 miles of a mixture of bike paths that crossed Lake Champlain and the Empire State Trail (once we landed via ferry back on the NY side).

Properly air-conditioned and full of vanilla soft serve, we retired at the Cumberland Bay Campground. There, we spent hours jamming out to throwback music until the group took their dinner over to the beach to watch a canopy of fireworks going on all around the lake. Happy Fourth of July from the NYM trekkers!

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