Crossing National Borders w/ Rotisserie Chicken on NYM Trek

What’s more exciting than crossing state borders? Crossing a national border…on bicycles. When the Canadian border patrol officer inquired if we had anything [illegal] to claim, he followed the line of questioning with a joking remark about the rotisserie chicken strapped to the back of one of the bikes (“Oh yeah…that’s just for dinner”).

The group woke up to a new breakfast ensemble: granola and greek yogurt. This (plus a mountain of granola bars) fueled the next 20 miles of NY country roads. As we rolled along, we saw corn, wooden produce stands, the occasional inkling of a town, and yet more corn. Vermont’s namesake green mountains were visible in the distance. However, corn stole the forefront.

We made a long pit stop just a few miles south of the border to eat lunch in the shade of overhanging trees. As a celebration of tonight being our last night ‘roughing it’ in tents, the two trip leaders offered to be the final “Cook Crew.” For lunch, we devoured Caesar salad wraps, chips, strawberries, and apple sauce. In the case of Elliott, you can add half a box of raw pasta to that list. Post-lunch, a majority of the group used the shopping cart as a stand for building their friendship bracelet-style pendants (you’ll have to wait to see the final products in Blog 13 or 14).

20 more miles down the incredulously flat terrain of Quebec, we arrived at Naperville Campground. The only tenters for the night, we were offered the entire field across the lake to pitch our tents. While the leaders cooked a variation of Chicken/Tofu Pad Thai for dinner, the group hung out on a picnic table by the water. We were delighted to find out that the campground also offered a wide range of sports equipment. We played basketball, football, and then over an hour of Just Dance using Grace’s laptop to search YouTube video recordings. Literally dancing into the night, we thoroughly sweated through any remaining clean clothes. Finally, we called it a night and clambered into our tents for the last time this trip.

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