Lots of Food and Thrifting in Montreal for NYM Trekkers

Our first full day in Montreal… I think I’ll parse this one out for you by category rather than chronology.

First and foremost: food. When is food ever not the most important aspect of bike trip? Even on days when absolutely zero bicycling happened. There was a unanimous consensus to that for today. Anyways, I was about to review all the incredible Montreal dishes consumed today.

Brunch: St-Viateur Bagel, 10/10 NYM star rating (the bagel sandwiches were out of this world—wait no, universe), 2 mile walk (worth every step), huge line of people waiting outside (we now see why), cash only (places like these can be picky like that). Lunch: {some Mexican restaurant with a name I cannot recall}, 7/10 NYM star rating (food was good, but no St-Viateur Bagel), unknown walking distance (roaming around aimlessly in our new-and-improved fits), one other table seated (that was shamelessly staring at us), credit card yay! Post-Nap Pick-Me-Up: Dairy Queen, 7/10 NYM star rating (they had flavors unseen in America that were pretty cool/cold), 0.2 mile walk, we took up nearly the entire floorspace (sorry DQ). Dinner: Sammy & Soup Dumpling, 9/10 NYM star rating (I mean, how could you go wrong with handmade Xiao Long Bao?), 1.4 mile walk, incredibly crowded with a 25-minute take-out wait (worth it). Second Dinner: {a popular poutine place Elliott researched prior to the trip}, 8/10 NYM Star Rating (we devoured it despite some claiming to not like poutine), a short metro ride across Montreal, picked up our order minutes before closing time!

I feel as though you can gain a solid sense of our day based on the first category alone. However, there was more to the day than simply hunting and gathering foreign meals.

Well now I shall answer the first question that must’ve popped into your head when you opened this post: Why on earth are we dressed as though a toddler on a life-threatening sugar high chose our outfits? Probably because we are all that hypothetical toddler to some extent.

Using a virtual name wheel found on the internet, we each randomly assigned ourselves someone else within the group to buy a thrifted outfit for that we would have to spend the rest of the day in. Think of it as Secret Santa, but the gift has a hint of loving malice behind it. At first, some were hesitant about the idea (Elliott was downright horrified, poor thing). However, by the time we got to the store, everyone was excitedly shopping for their victim–I mean, giftee. And once it was time to make the final reveals, we were hooting with laughter at the ridiculousness of the situation. Even the shop clerks got a kick out of Caleb helping Atticus zip up his new dress. Avi was actually jealous that he didn’t get a dress. Maybe next teen treks Christmas, Avi.

In the time between and after cross-dressing and eating out, we simply enjoyed the simple comforts provided by the hostel in the heart of Vieux-Montreal. We finally finished off the last drops of Mia water enhancers (a momentous occasion). We talked late into the hours in the common area. We shared our Highs, Lows, Grows, and Bros for the whole trip and congratulated ourselves on such an accomplishment.

This time tomorrow, we’ll be on our way back to where it all started. Crazy how the days flew by. Well, goodnight Montreal.

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