Teen Treks

Health and Safety

Living through COVID-19 has taught us just how important fresh air, exercise and laughter is in order to maintain a happy and healthy life. This is true for all of us, but especially for teenagers, who are creating lasting habits out of the experiences they have today. The great thing about bike touring with Teen Treks is that it naturally lends itself to a socially distanced atmosphere, with small groups and wide-open spaces.

Our average group sizes are kept small to create more intimate experiences and most of the days on a Teen Trek trip is spent outside, biking on the open road. Unlike a traditional summer camp, the isolated nature of a Teen Treks bike tour means that teens will only ever be in contact with the handful of people in their group, while still experiencing a fun and life-changing summer adventure.

We’ve been updating our policies and procedures as the COVID situation evolves in addition to what is already a safe, outdoor summer experience for teenagers. Read on for further details on the new safety measures that we have put in place.

Pre- Trip Preparations

We are requesting that trekkers come into their bike trip as safely as possible to guarantee the health of all group members. In order to ensure this, we are requiring a COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID test within 72-hours of trip Pre-Night or start of trip (whichever day your trekker is arriving.) Without a COVID vaccination or negative rapid test results, trekkers will not be allowed to attend their trip.

Face Coverings

We request that every trekker arrive with at least three cloth masks of 10 disposable face coverings. While Teen Treks trips are mostly outdoors, there will be times when the group will enter buildings such as, grocery stores, hotel facilities and campground bath houses. Face coverings will be required anytime the group is in an indoor facility, regardless of the state law in which the group is traveling through or the specific business ordinances.

Group Size

The nature of Teen Treks bike trips is small, intimate groups. Group sizes will remain as usual, between 8-12 trekkers. 


All Teen Treks leaders have received a COVID-19 vaccination per staff requirements.

Personal Distancing

Tour groups will be treated as a family, or “cohort,” so safe social distancing will be exercised with those not in our group, face coverings will be required in all public buildings.

Meal Times

Teen Treks trips meals typically happen outdoors, whether it is campfire dinners or lunch picnics in the park, social distancing is naturally worked into meal times. We like eating in this style because it allows teens the opportunity to learn how to grocery shop for a group and exercise creativity while cooking for others.

We also love stopping at local restaurants when travelling through cities. Trekkers will be required to wear masks while entering indoor facilities. Once they are seated at the restaurant, face coverings will no longer be required.


While the majority of lodging arrangements during a Teen Treks trip take place outdoors at campgrounds, we do enjoy visiting big cities and staying in a hotel or hostel for a change. Groups will continue to implement regular face covering behaviors when inside public buildings until they are in the safety of their own room.

Transportation/ Isolation if Teen Gets Sick

In the event of a situation where a trekker shows symptoms of COVID-19, we have protocols in place to safely isolate and coordinate arrangements for the teen to be picked up by their parents and leave the trip. 

Post-Trip Safety

As a guideline for safely returning home, we recommend 14-days of safe social distancing practices after the trip has finished.