Leader Profiles

"I must warn you, bike riding is addicting.  Once you experience all the fun and excitement of a tour, you can’t wait to do another!" - Trip Leader Kyle

Hi, my name is Caroline and I’m from Rothesay, New Brunswick, which is on the Bay of Fundy on Canada’s east coast. I am an outdoor enthusiast, a dog-walker, and people say I laugh a lot. 

In my free time I like to hike, cook, watch sunsets and talk to dogs in a high pitched voice. I grew up playing lots of sports and have experience coaching rowing, tennis, and strength and conditioning. 

I have cycled across the Southern US and sailed from Canada to the Caribbean. I love exploring and I am so excited for our adventures together this summer!


Hey there, Teen Trekkers! My name is Quinn Ketchum and I’m thrilled to be leading an amazing group of bikers this summer. I come from Pine Island, New York, where I’ve spent most of my life exploring the outdoors. Ever since I was young, I’ve been on mountain and road bikes. It’s always been a passion of mine. There’s something so special about being able to take in all of the beautiful scenery while pedaling through it, and I can’t wait to share that experience with all of you. While I was in college, I had the opportunity to study abroad in London and travel all over Europe. I did it all on a tight budget, which meant I had to get creative with my accommodations. I became very comfortable staying in hostels and even sleeping outdoors. I found that it gave me a deeper appreciation for the natural world and a greater sense of adventure. Aside from biking, I’ve always loved being outdoors in general. Camping, hiking, skiing, and swimming are all activities that I enjoy. I also have a passion for skateboarding and making skate videos. In fact, I am super excited that some of my videos have been featured in a few magazines. After graduating from Ithaca College, where I studied Documentary Studies and Production, I’ve been able to focus on my storytelling layering in my values of respect and integrity through the lens of authenticity and compassion. I believe that everyone has a unique story to tell, and I’m excited to hear yours as we embark on this trekking adventure together.


Hi everyone! My name is Shannon and I’m from Newmarket, Ontario. I am super excited to lead an amazing group of teens this summer and create lifelong memories! I fell in love with cycling about 4 years ago, and I recently discovered the joys of bike touring. My first bike trip was a week-long solo tour around Prince Edward Island in Canada, I was instantly hooked on bike touring! Then, I rode from Toronto to Montreal with a friend and most recently, completed a 5 week-long self-supported tour from Vancouver to San Francisco. I have also travelled with my family to Iceland, France, Germany, Austria, and Italy. Some of my favorite activities include triathlons, basketball, ultimate frisbee, snowboarding, camping, reading, and scrapbooking. Some of my other work experiences are being a lifeguard and swimming instructor for over 7 years. Recently, I graduated from the Biomedical Science program at the University of Ottawa. I can’t wait to meet new people and go on more fun adventures this summer! But don’t be surprised if I mention distances in terms of kilometers instead of miles!


Hello everyone! My name is Sam, and I’ll be returning this year for another exciting summer of adventures. I’m from Spokane, Washington, and currently live in New York City, where I teach high school math and have fun with Lego robotics. I led the Pacific Northwest and Cape Cod trips last year, and one of the things I loved about riding was the breeze in my hair as we rode next to the ocean. I’m big on affirmations and learning through play, and my hobbies include photography, reading, and playing Breath of the Wild and Animal Crossing. What I’m most looking forward to on the trip is seeing kids grow and watching them persevere through any challenges we might face. I can’t wait to explore this beautiful world and connect to people we meet on the way! See y’all this summer!


Hello everyone, my name is Adam, and I’m a hometown boy from Buffalo, NY. This is my first time being a Teen Treks leader for a second time, so, I’m super-duper excited for that. Another amazing fact is that I have not been on American soil for over five years! So, when we all meet, I’ll still be ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ from a long period living in Japan as an English teacher.However, what most of my middle school students never knew about me, was that I was exploring their country’s interior with vigor. In total, I plundered over 900 hidden treasures up and down the archipelago, from fuming hot springs buried deep in the wilderness, to narrow alleyways tucked within the bowels of an electrified megalopolis. Over those five years, I never came close to losing my appetite for wanting to know what lay around the next bend. Not one shred of it. This summer, I intend to bring that same fierce tenacity to my groups of Trekkers on our two-wheeled rambles up and down the land. We are destined to discover the wonders of the world while simultaneously exploring, perhaps, the greatest frontier of them all, the depths of our own souls. *GONG!!!* So, without further ado, let the journeys begin!



Hiya everyone! My name is Lauren and I’m from Albany, New York. I currently live in Pittsburgh, where I study engineering and computer science. I’m super psyched to get away from the screens and go on some fun adventures this summer! I got really into bike touring as a teenager, and since then I’ve traveled all over the US and Europe. When I’m not studying or traveling, you can find me backpacking and skiing in Vermont, training for triathlons, or playing with my pet tortoise. I also like to make my own maple syrup each winter. In the past, I’ve taught skiing and guided at a high ropes course. I can’t wait to make a bunch of new friends and share an amazing summer together!!


Hey y’all! My name is Gabrielle (or I go by Gabby too) and I am coming to you from the Green Mountain State. I live outside of Burlington, Vermont and currently work for their school district as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant and coach middle school Track and Field. The past five summers I have been directing a summer camp where we teach figure skating lessons, followed by swimming at the beach behind the rink, which I have loved — but I am ready to try something new! I also work part-time for an airline which has provided me with so many amazing traveling opportunities. My favorite places I’ve been able to explore are Norway, Italy, and of course the city famous for cycling — Amsterdam! My favorite outdoor activities are hiking, biking, camping, snowboarding, and trail skating in the winter. But, I also love doing yoga, sitting down with a good book, and crushing my friends at scrabble. I am super hyped to hop on my bike this summer to lead my first trek! I can’t imagine a more perfect way to spend the summer than pedaling away to see some awesome sights with everything I need on my bike, getting to camp out, and doing it all with an awesome group of teen trekkers!

Trip Leader Aimee, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best outdoor adventure summer job!


Hi, everyone! My name is Aimee and I’m a music teacher for the Buffalo Public Schools. I am a graduate of SUNY Fredonia, where I studied music education and performance. I’m really looking forward to getting to know all of you and seeing the country over the next couple of months. I’ve gone camping all over western New York and Canada, and last year I led my first bike tour in Cape Cod. Other than biking, my favorite summer activities are swimming, playing my flute, reading outside, and playing with my bunny. The past few years, I spent my summers teaching swim lessons and working as a camp counselor. This year will be fun—see you soon!​


Hey there, trekkers! My name is Alexa and I’m from Rochester, NY. I’m so excited to be a part of Teen Treks this summer! I can’t wait to spend time in the great outdoors and travel around powered only by my own two legs. Traveling and experiencing different cultures is one of my passions in life—I just finished up college at Duke with a degree in Global Health (and biology), and I’m headed to Emory next year for a Master of Public Health in Global Health. During my childhood and my time at Duke I’ve gotten to visit Tanzania, South Africa, France, Mexico, Canada, and many different areas of the US. Besides traveling, I love hiking, running, rowing, listening to podcasts (right now I’m on season two of Serial), doing puzzles, and being outside. During the past three summers I’ve worked with and led a camp that introduces cool science & engineering topics and experiments to middle schoolers and some high schoolers from disadvantaged backgrounds. I’ve had the greatest time working with and learning from teens, and I can’t wait to hang out with some trekkers this summer!​

Trip Leader Alexa, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best outdoor adventure summer job!
Trip Leader Andy, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best summer job!


Greetings, yo! I’m Andy, from Plattsburgh NY.  This summer is my most exciting one yet, as I am leading a second year in a row for Teen Treks.  I’ve done a tour each summer for the past 5 years, the most notable ones going from Troy to Plymouth and back, as well as with Teen Treks on their New England and Maine coast trips. I like to sing, dance, do cartwheels, grow a beard, throw frisbees super far, hike, run, and make people smile. Over the past couple of years, I’ve had wonderful opportunities through the university to do volunteer work in Florida, South Carolina, and Virginia over my winter and spring breaks.  We helped build a house for Habitat for Humanity, and work in the parks of Florida eliminating invasive species of plants, and in Virginia doing trail maintenance. I’m very passionate about cycling, whether it be cruising down a big hill or pushing up the next one.  There is something just too special about the wind in your hair, the power in your legs (and mind), and the happiness from conquering a trail.   Discovering new things is the spice of life, and I can’t wait to make that happen — on my bicycle, and alongside you!


Hello fellow adventurers! My name is Anna, I hail from New Haven, Connecticut, and I happen to be a Teen Trek alumna! I’ve always loved to bicycle, ever since I was a young girl, but Teen Treks really fostered that love when, at 14, I biked from New York to Montreal with them. The following summer, I went on the Across America Trek and had one of the most challenging, formative, and overall wonderful experiences of my life. Those two trips forever solidified my love of bicycle touring! When I’m not passing through the world on two wheels or studying as a college student, I’m most likely reading nonfiction, eating dim sum, talking about pop culture with my friends, baking yummy things, or simply walking around my city, listening to music! I couldn’t be happier to be a Teen Trekker again (albeit in a somewhat different position!), and I can’t wait to see what new things I’ll learn and what adventures will unfold with new friends during my third Teen Treks summer.

Trip Leader Anna, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best summer job!
Trip Leader Ben, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best outdoor adventure summer job!


Hello! Ben here, from New York City. I’m super excited to spend the summer exploring beautiful city and country roads from our bikes.  I fell in love with bike touring as a teenager, and it’s been a big part of my life since. My favorite tour was down the pacific coast from Seattle to Los Angeles. In addition to cycling, I love making videos, cooking, talking with friends, and getting lost in a good book. Professionally, I’ve worked with teenagers for years in arts and music programs, outdoor adventure, and college readiness counseling. Currently, I’m following my passion for community building in a Master of Social Work program at Hunter College. I can’t wait to hit the road with you all, and take in the fresh air and amazing sites.


My name is Bryan and I live in Eugene, OR. Before I moved to the west coast, I lived in Buffalo, NY, where I first became entangled with Teen Treks.

I have degrees in Art and Urban Planning from SUNY New Paltz and SUNY at Buffalo, respectively, and I’ve just enrolled at the University of Oregon to begin a Master’s degree in Architecture.  

When I’m not riding bikes, I’m fixing them.  When I’m not doing that, I’m making music, or off hiding somewhere, most likely reading a book.  I’ve been to Europe, New York-Montreal, and Across America with Teen Treks and I can say that each experience was unique and amazing.  Bike touring is so sweet you begin to wonder why you don’t do it 24/7/365!  I wonder where we will go this summer!

Trip Leader Bryan, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best outdoor adventure summer job!
Trip Leader Claire, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best summer job!


Heya. My name is Claire and I’ve been kicking it in Kingston, Ontario for the past five years. I am wheelie (I’m so sorry) jazzed to be traveling at the speed of bike with all of you! I love the extra opportunities bike speed provides, be it some wild life or a friendly stranger conversation about ‘how crazy what we’re doing is!’. Last summer I bought a bike in Seattle and rode it along the ocean to San Francisco. It was my first trek and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve done most of my traveling in Western and Northwestern Canada, where I plant trees in the summer.  My hobbies include keyboards, guitar, drums, dance, writing, snowboarding and wait for it… biking! My work experience with teens comes from teaching dance, so if that’s something you’re into then I look forward to some random dance parties. Can’t wait to meet everyone, and collectively feel that special rush of reaching our first destination! Pedal on


Hello trekkers!  My name is Elliott and I am from Buffalo, New York.  I’m very excited to have this opportunity to get out on the open road with you all, clear our minds, and see all the sites our route has to offer.  I have traveled quite a bit, not only in the United States but internationally as well.  I’ve traveled to many of the Latin American countries for service trips through my college and a handful of European countries for pleasure.  Additionally, I traveled to Puerto Rico to help in the cleanup effort following Hurricane Maria.  My hobbies include biking (obviously), hiking, camping, backpacking, and snowboarding in the winter months.  In the past, I’ve worked as a lifeguard and as a swim coach at a local community center that attracts the after school crowd.  I look forward to our adventures together and the ability for us to detach ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  This can be done so easily by putting down our phones and experiencing the world around us.  See you all soon!!

Trip Leader Elliott, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best outdoor adventure summer job!
Trip Leader Isabel, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best outdoor adventure summer job!


Hiya! I’m Isabel from Buffalo, NY. I am very excited to lead some treks this summer and get to know each and everyone one of you! I attend University at Buffalo and am studying Graphic Design and Environmental Studies. I love hiking and camping and I’m excited to do some exploring this summer! I have taken trips to Paris, Ireland and all over the western United States including Colorado and California. Biking is a great way to see the world and have a lot of fun. My hobbies include drawing, reading, biking and hanging out with my kitty. I can’t wait to get on the road and see some new places with new faces! Traveling is a great way to get to know people and have a lot of fun. Let’s gooo!


Helloooo teen trekkers! My name is Jenna and I’m from midcoast Maine. I’m so excited to hit the road this summer and see some beautiful sights by bicycle!! Back in high school I did the Across America Trek with Teen Treks and had a BLAST, and I’ve been hooked on bike touring ever since! I lived and traveled in India for a year before college, and this semester I’m abroad again, studying (and most importantly, biking) in New Zealand. I’ve spent the past two summers leading bike tours in Europe and New England, and I’m stoked to be back in the saddle with Teen Treks again! When I’m not on my bike, I like skiing, contradancing, hiking, camping, gardening, singing a cappella, and crackin lots of bad jokes. I volunteer as a Peer Health Educator at my college, and I love working with young people around topics of wellness, identity, and healthy relationships. I can’t wait to meet y’all and share some great adventures!!

Trip Leader Jenna, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best summer job!
Trip Leader Katie, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best outdoor adventure summer job!


Hey there Teen Trek adventurers! My name is Katie and I am traveling all the way from south Texas to come hit the road with you this summer. This isn’t my first rendezvous with Teen Treks, I got to lead a trip back in 2011 with some awesome kids, and I still think about the times we collected mussels in the bay and cooked them over the fire later that evening, or the time we biked faster than ever to catch the last ferry of the night, or the delicious pizza we ate after a day full of monstrous hills. Bike trips like this are life changing adventures, and I can’t wait for the experiences we will have together this summer! A little about myself, I grew up in Texas near the river. I love being outside, if I could live in a tent for the rest of my life, I’d be content! Just as much as I love being outside, I also love people. I’ve traveled to Spain, England, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Rwanda, Portugal, and all around the U.S. Learning from younger generations while imparting the wisdom I have gained is important to me, and there is no better way to do this than taking a trip together and seeing where the road takes us!


I’m Kyle from Orlando Florida, and I am ecstatic to be a trip leader this summer.  I graduated from the University of Central Florida, with a degree focusing in urban planning.  I love examining how development impacts people’s behavior, and riding a bicycle gives you a front row seat!  I can’t wait to be back on the road, all the gear loaded on the back of my bike, and live the dream one pedal at a time.  I love all the spontaneous adventures that come from Teen Trek trips, as I have been on five of them including the Across America Trek. They offer an unparalleled opportunity for personal reflection and growth, and I credit the trips for leading me to the field of urban planning.  Before Teen Treks, I had no idea you could have a full time job dealing with bike stuff! (Crazy right!?!) I must warn you, bike riding is addicting.  Once you experience all the fun and excitement of a tour, you can’t wait to do another.  I’m excited to have the opportunity to lead you on a fantastic voyage of bicycle awesomeness this summer!

Trip Leader Kyle, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best outdoor adventure summer job!
Trip Leader Liza, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best outdoor adventure summer job!


Hello Teen Trekkers! I’m Liza and I grew up on on the North Shore of Massachusetts in a small town called West Newbury. I am an avid outdoor adventurer and I am thrilled to have my first summer with Teen Treks this year! I am so excited to travel by bike in the great outdoors. One of the best trips I have been on was a thirty day trip where I hiked in national parks all around the western United States, including parks in Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, California, and Nevada. I have also traveled with family and friends to France, England, Italy, Spain, and just last year to Iceland. I teach Zumba where I go to school at UMass Amherst, and in my free time I like to write, read, craft, play pick up sports, learn new things, and listen to or make music. I can’t wait to have lots of laughs on the road and experience new places with you!


Hi there!  

You can call me Matt  ^_^
You’re probably wondering where I’m from: mainly Virginia, Taiwan, and Boston!
So, why did I decide to lead for Teen Treks?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Maybe it’s because I suffer from chronic wanderlust and Fernweh, which has led me to travel across the world.  Maybe I was inspired by the legendary journeys of Laura Dekker and Tom Allen (Maidentrip, Janapar), or by Santiago’s quest for his personal legend (The Alchemist).  Perhaps the choice is a return to my roots working as a camp counselor, ropes course leader, and teacher.  One thing is certain – I’m pumped to be joining some awesome trekkers for one amazing adventure!

Trip Leader Matt, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best outdoor adventure summer job!
Trip Leader Mike, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best summer job!


Hello everybody! My name is Mike and I was born and raised in Albany, NY! I think the reason that I wanted to be a leader for Teen Treks is because I know how much I got out of them when I was on the trips as a teen. For me, biking was a necessity that I grew to greatly enjoy. It provided me a way to get to my first job, a camp counselor; it afforded me an opportunity to immerse myself in other cultures during trips through Canada and France; biking also provided me a sense of independence and personal responsibility as my first means of transportation. When I have both feet on the ground I enjoyed reading, golf, Frisbee and the natural next step … Disc Golf! I am looking forward to working with all of you! Stay Classy…


Hey trekkers! My name is Russell and I grew up in Maplewood, New Jersey. I’m super amped to get on the road with y’all this summer. Biking is, at least to me, the best way to explore and experience the outdoors, allowing you discover things you’d never even notice speeding along the highway in a car. My first bike trip was from Buffalo to Toronto in 2011, and I have gone on four more trips with Teen Treks since then. If it wasn’t apparent, I don’t think there are many better ways you can spend your summer than traveling with your friends by bike along the countryside. I am currently studying Fashion Merchandising at the University of Delaware, and aside from biking, I love playing Ultimate Frisbee, hiking, listening to music, playing with animals, and generally wandering around. In the past, I’ve coached kids at an Ultimate Frisbee camp, so look forward to some pickup games while we’re on the road! I can’t wait to get trekking this summer and make some new memories along the way.

Trip Leader Russell, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best outdoor adventure summer job!
Trip Leader Tyler, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best outdoor adventure summer job!


Hey everyone! I’m Tyler, and I’m excited to once again be leading with Teen Treks this summer! After spending this year working as the Program Manager in the office, I’m looking forward to getting out of the office & back to my roots of being a Trip Leader. The past few years since graduating from college I have spent nearly a year traveling in Asia, bicycled across America, and worked with Americorps at a local Buffalo high school. Nothing is more exciting than traveling and the unexpected adventures that come along with traveling! I also enjoy making music with friends on the piano, guitar, and occasionally the accordion. Hopefully I can fit some kind of musical instrument onto my bicycle this summer, it sure is nice to have a guitar while sitting around the campfire! I can’t wait to gear up, meet this year’s trekkers, and get on the road!


Hi there Trekkers! My name is Yael and I’m originally from New Jersey. I love to travel and have lived in many cities around America, including Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Danbury (CT) and, briefly, Anchorage. I’m currently a graduate student in Philadelphia studying psychology and working in research at a children’s hospital. I love to test out new stir-fry recipes, run through Philly and volunteer at my local animal shelter (I recently fostered a playful Great Pyrenees-mix puppy named Andy). I’ve worked as a counselor in both overnight and day camps, and as an instructor in a farm-based school where I helped students take care of their favorite farm animals, like llamas, sheep, cows and even an emu. I was a trekker when I was younger and I had an amazing time on my trip, making close friendships and unforgettable memories. I’m so excited to join Teen Treks again this summer and help guide an incredible, safe and fun experience! I can’t wait to meet everyone, load up the bikes and hit the road on a new adventure!

Trip Leader Yael, working as a Bicycle Trip Leader is the best outdoor adventure summer job!