Each Teen Treks group gets two leaders, who will be dynamic, resourceful adults who love hanging out with kids and who know bikes. They keep the group on schedule while helping teens grow as leaders, themselves, encouraging trekkers to make decisions about each day’s activities and share responsibilities.
During an intensive week of Leadership Training, all our leaders get CPR and First Aid certification, and they learn whatever they don’t already know about bike repair. They provide safety training at the outset of every trip, and they check in regularly with the Teen Treks office. When something unexpected happens, our leaders are ready to handle it.
Many took cross-country bike trips as teenagers like the ones they’re now leading, and many have previously led for Teen Treks. Some are avid cyclists and travel enthusiasts, while others have served in organizations like Americorps. They’re teachers, human service professionals, travel and hospitality professionals, graduate students and college seniors.
We pair leaders with complementary strengths and interests, so for example, one leader can take academically inclined teens to a museum while the other bikes a wilderness trail with more athletic or nature-hungry trekkers. They all share good sense, tireless energy, and a great enthusiasm for travel.